Faith and Finance series (part 5)

    09.30.20 |

    This video shares how Outstretched Hands of Romania was blessed by the Lord because we took time to identify our most important ministry need a few years back. We were ready with the answer, before somebody asked how they could help us. It is...

      Faith and Finance series (part 4)

      09.23.20 |

      In this video I share a story about how the Lord taught me a valuable lesson to help me in my desire to be a bigger and better giver. Sometimes it is much easier to give and loan and share than it is to do any of that with joy in our heart.

        Faith and Finance series (part 3)

        09.09.20 |

        In this video, I talk about how the Lord challenged me to trust Him alone for personal support for our family in our early years on the mission field, and to NOT ask people to help us, but to only make our needs known to the Lord. This idea was...

          Faith and Finance series (part 2)

          07.29.20 |

          "Give to every man who asks". Brad Hayes testifies how the Lord stretched his faith in 2016 and in the process helped him to be more generous, and most importantly, more sensitive to the Lords leading.

            Faith and Finance series (part 1)

            07.16.20 |

            Brad Hayes, the director of Outstretched Hands of Romania(OHR), shares briefly about being blocked into the States for 3.5 months due to the Corona virus and international travel being shut down for so long. Plus, Brad starts a series of...

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