Children's Ministries

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Children's Ministries

Welcome! Our vision is to raise an army of CHILDREN and poor to bring the gospel to the unreached parts of Romania.

How we do accomplish this?

There are many ways, for example:

  • Tent events: anywhere from 150 - 300 children that come daily to each of our annual tent events.
  • Soccer evangelism: soccer is the most popular sport in Europe, so for young boys, we grab their attention best by holding soccer camps and tournaments with them. We have a short Bible lesson before hand, and then go out and play.
  • Volleyball and English lessons: there are some children that want to learn English so we use it as an outreach to build relationships. Volleyball is a sport that girls like to play together, and we use it as a meeting point.
  • Sunday School programs: all the churches in our network have Sunday School programs as well as outreach to children in their communities.
  • Community Centers: our goal is to have a community center in each church in our network. In locations where we already have community centers, we currently work with 70 - 100 children four days per week, in each center. We help with homework, teach the Bible, give music lessons, give a meal, do crafts, and simply love and accept them as being part of our family.