Project Plans

Project priority 1 – Oltenita land and Church.  We have not been very successful raising money to buy land in Oltenita for the church there.  The church has grown steadily the last few years and they need a new place.  They are a very poor church.  Oltenita is also a strategic location in this county for the Kingdom of God because it is the second largest city in the county but has the lowest percentage of born again believers in any of our cities and villages in the county.  Please pray for the Lord's divine provision for this need. We believe the Lord will provide!  We need: 23,300 Euro to buy 700 sq meters of land that also has a house on it as well.  This is 7,500 square feet of land and $27,300 USD.   

Project priority 2 – Chiselet Sunday School Room.  We need to add a large classroom on to the back of the Chiselet Church.  We already have the cement foundation poured and read to build on.  Our “back to school” program each day during school season (Sept-June) has close to 100 kids each day now and we need a smaller room than the church room to do meetings in.  Plus, there is no place for the children to go for lessons during the adult church services.  With the addition of this classroom, we could do many things with the children in a better way. We need: $11,500 USD / 10,000 Euro

"Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world." Nelson Mandela