Mission Trips

Planning a short-term mission trip is very easy! Groups of any size can be safely accommodated, even up to 50 people, normally resulting in a life transforming experience. We will help you coordinate all the details of a trip. We believe in short-term mission trips as an important part of every persons life.

Frequently asked questions

Are trips only for groups, or can individuals come as well?

Individuals, families, small groups, or groups even up to 50 people can be safely accommodated, normally resulting in a life transforming experience. Groups of over 20 people will need a lot more planning, but, with solid communication it can be done. We will help you coordinate all the details of the trip.

How long is a typical trip?

The typical trip lasts eight to ten days. For example, if you are in the U.S., you would leave on a Friday, arriving in Romania on Saturday, and typically return sometime the following weekend.

What will I need to bring on a trip?

Other than a servant's heart and a hunger for what God wants to do in your life, not much. Plus a few other things as well. Review the trip planning guide to get a general overview of items to bring.

What types of activities will we do on a trip?

We can plan a trip that fully utilizes the interests and gifting of your team. From children's ministries and outreaches, to building projects, special events, visitation and prayer, we plan trips to effectively use the gifts that God has given you and your team.

What are the positive effects of a short term mission's trip to Romania?

There are many positive effects of a mission's trip, both for Romanians and for the one on the mission's trip. Please click here to see a few examples.

Is it safe to visit Romania?

Yes, it is definitely safe to visit Romania. While there are a number of tips to protect your belongings, it is generally a safe place with less violence than most places in the world. A few things to remember are that you should always keep your belongings in your sight while traveling to Romania, and while moving around in Romania during your trip. It would be important to carry a money belt while traveling. While Romania is safe, many people in Romania are very poor. Avoid flashing your money to prevent making yourself a target for theft.

While in Romania, always stay in a pair or group. Do not wander off on your own. As you participate in activities, listen closely to the advice provided by the Outstretched Hands team. The tips provided by the team are a great resource to keep the trip safe. Ask questions if you have any concerns.

What is the weather like in Romania?

The weather in Romania is similar to that of the midwest states of the U.S. Warm to hot summers are followed by cool fall weather and cold winters. Depending on when your trip is, communicate with your trip coordinator as to which type of clothing to bring. You are more than likely to go in areas with dirt/mud roads (depending on the weather). Remember to bring hiking shoes to remain comfortable when walking in these areas. If the weather is wet, it does not hurt to have an additional pair of shoes for walking in case you have to clean and dry your primary pair of shoes.

Will I need to learn the Romanian language?

No, you do not need to learn Romanian to visit. All of the scheduled activities will be planned to include translators. Any learning of the Romanian language is optional, but a small amount of study may enhance your trip, as you will be able to perform basic communication with the people you come in contact with during ministry opportunities.

What types of food will be available on a trip?

Most visitors compliment us on how much they enjoy the meals we serve them. On occasion, a few Romanian style meals will be prepared. If you have the opportunity to eat a meal with Romanians, they will treat you with great respect and give you the best that they have. Romanians are well known for their hospitality. Eat what is given to you to be polite and respectful of what they are doing for you.

While in Romania and during travel, there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase snacks and beverages for personal consumption. Quality bottled water is readily available.

Where will we stay while in Romania?

We have apartments, community centers, and other locations where we accommodate all of our visitors.

How would we travel to get to Romania?

People who fly into Romania, arrive into Bucharest Otopeni Airport. From the airport in Bucharest, you will be picked up by members of the Outstretched Hands team. From there, it is approximately a two hour drive to Calarasi where you will be staying during your trip.

How much does a trip typically cost?

Group rates average around $1,300 (USD) per person from North America. This is comprised of an estimated airfare of $800 to $1,200 and approximately $300 ($34 per day) for food, utilities, and activities for a 9 day trip.

Individual rates are $20 per day plus airport pickup and drop off costs.

Of course, people flying from within Europe pay much less for airfare.

What things can we do to best prepare our team for the trip to maximize our team's effectiveness?

We are glad you asked. Here are the main things that are time-tested best practices to prepare your team:

  • Assemble a group of people - By the time you are reading this, the Lord has already prepared the hearts of those who are going to join your group. In past trips, the unique sets of gifts, talents, and abilities that complement each other have made groups very effective for the purpose of a trip.
  • Designate a leader - It is important to designate a single individual, not necessarily the pastor, to coordinate the details and planning of your trip. With all communication going through a single person, it is more likely that important details will not be overlooked.
  • Have a pastor involved - A strong pastoral involvement will increase the effectiveness of your trip as the full organization of your church can be standing behind your mission.
  • Schedule a meeting with a past trip participant - Somebody you know may have already visited us in Romania. If so, maybe they can meet with you and help answer some questions about your trip. The more mentally and physically prepared you are for day to day events and overall questions, the more effective your group will be. Contact us if you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss any questions or issues you have in planning for your trip.