Faith and Finance series (part 2)

    07.29.20 |

    "Give to every man who asks". Brad Hayes testifies how the Lord stretched his faith in 2016 and in the process helped him to be more generous, and most importantly, more sensitive to the Lords leading.

      Faith and Finance series (part 1)

      07.16.20 |

      Brad Hayes, the director of Outstretched Hands of Romania(OHR), shares briefly about being blocked into the States for 3.5 months due to the Corona virus and international travel being shut down for so long. Plus, Brad starts a series of...

        Feed and Build!

        06.24.20 |

        This video shows the construction work in progress at 3 different Outstretched Hands locations. We believe we are called to FEED & BUILD spiritually, but also to FEED the hungry and BUILD buildings to impact communities.

          Inside OH: How mission trips impact lives

          06.16.20 |

          Please listen to Sam Haiser's inspiring story about his 1st trip to Romania in 2012 and how it changed his life! Plus, his trip changed our lives and many others as well in Austria and Germany! Sam stepped into our lives a few years ago and has...

            Invitation to Missions

            06.10.20 |

            INVITATION TO MISSIONS is a heartfelt testimony of how and when Ana Ursaru felt the Lord calling her to missions, and to become part of the Outstretched Hands of Romania team. Ana is a special young lady and we are all very proud of her and...

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