CRISIS . . . A Call for Community!

    04.15.20 |

    In the middle of the global crisis & all the negative things happening out of it, many good things are happening! It's true & sad that lives are lost to this pandemic, but, we are also having our love for family & friends rekindled as...

      Crisis or Opportunity in Disguise?

      04.13.20 |

      The current but temporary crisis has changed how we do ministry in Outstretched Hands, but NOT stopped us!! We are still creatively investing in our communities with wisdom & love. . .thru serving, prayer, feeding the hungry, small &...

        Loving in Crisis series (part 1)

        04.09.20 |

        Here is a short video update about what our Outstretched Hands Team is doing now in this time of crisis in Calarasi, Romania. Be encouraged. . .The light shines brightest in the darkest night!!

          Healing and Reconciliation Testimony

          04.07.20 |

          The Lord often works in ways much different than what we would want or expect, but His ways are always best! And, He loves to invite us into what He wants to do, and can do, often to help us overcome inner struggles of doubt, fear, & feelings...

            Loving in Crisis series (part 2)

            04.06.20 |

            LOVING IN CRISIS series (part 2) from Romania. Rebekah Hayes Stoian shares how the support needed to steady us in difficult times is often found when simply reaching out to the person who is closest to us! English subtitles are on the video. God...

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