August 2017 Praise Report

    08.01.17 | Praise |

    We give thanks! We believe the Lord's hand is upon us for this important work. We identified an amount of money that we needed for the first year, for each of these church plants. The great news is that $6000 was pledged and given towards each...

      Hope Commmunity Centre update with Carmen Stoian

      04.04.17 |

      We are very thankful to be able to provide this short video report with Carmen Stoian, the director of our Hope Centre, about what has been happening at the Centre recently. The Lord has been doing a very deep and wonderful work at the Hope...

        Chiselet Community Center impacts many youth

        03.13.14 | Praise |

        We are very thankful to send you this video about the good things that are happening in the "Jesus with Education" ministry in Chiselet, Romania. Our Open Door Church in Chiselet started their Community Centre just two years ago and...