Thankfulness Series part 3

    01.24.21 |

    One of the 2020 highlights I'm most thankful for was November 1st as 120 of us came together and went into the streets of Calarasi to talk to people and pray for them. Good things happened that day and continue to happen from that day! Many in our team did open air preaching for the 1st time on street corners and in open markets.  In the process some overcame fears and doubts as they stepped out in faith to tell people about Jesus Christ!  We'll continue doing events like this all over our county. The next one is in February! It will likely be a cold winter day when we go out again.  But the time has come for all of us to set aside anything (cold, inconvenience, insecurities, fears, doubts, pleasures, etc) that holds us back and and step out in faith more enthusiastically and be the bright and shining lights He has positioned us to be in these last days!  The obstacles and challenges that the world faces at this time are very serious and gigantic, like a giant standing in our path whom, we need to confront.  But, if the Lord allows a goliath in front of you, He must see a David inside of you!  God bless you!  Brad Hayes & the Outstretched Hands of Romania team