Faith and Finance series (part 3)

    09.09.20 |

    Greetings from Romania!

    In this video, I talk about how the Lord challenged me to trust Him alone for personal support for our family in our early years on the mission field, and to NOT ask people to help us, but to only make our needs known to the Lord.  This idea was not so easy for me, but by making our personal needs known only to the Lord, I was able to more fully appreciate the creative ways He provided for us.  I not only learned in those early years to trust Him for personal finances, but also how to present our ministry needs to people like you who are interested to help us fulfill our Vision, accomplish goals, and care for the poor by telling them about the love of Jesus Christ!  Thank you to all of you for believing in us and what we do here in Romania.  Without your continual generosity and prayer support, prompted by the Lord Himself, we could not do what we do here in Romania!! 

    God bless all of you!! 
    Brad Hayes & the Outstretched Hands of Romania team