Daniela's Story

    05.19.20 |

    YOU CAN! Hearing those simple but powerful words helps us all to believe in ourselves and most importantly, helps us to believe in what the Lord wants to do in and through each of our lives! YOU CAN . . . leads to . . . I CAN!

    Daniela’s story tells how she overcame self-doubt, advanced in school, and then grew in her relationship with the Lord, through the daily love and encouragement from our Roseti church and community center team.

    Daniela is one of 250 children that we work with 4 days per week at our community centers (before and after Covid). If you would like to sponsor one of these “Children Of Destiny” you can click here to Sponsor A Child, choose a child, and follow the prompts on Pay Pal to start your sponsorship. We are currently focused on sponsoring children from the village of Chiselet. Thank you!