Remembering Kent Roszina

    06.01.24 |

    Over the next 2-3 weeks (and on social media) we are honoring our beloved Kent, a dedicated member of the Outstretched Hands board for nearly a decade, who died suddenly on April 2nd, 2023.              

    This tribute series, though long overdue, is a testament to the profound impact Kent had on our lives, a loss that is still very painful.

    We commence this tribute with one of the last messages Kent shared with us, a recording from eight days prior to his departure. Despite his illness, Kent's strength and resilience remained unwavering, a true reflection of his character. As we remember his life, let us draw inspiration from his unyielding passion, his steadfast convictions, and the love and respect he garnered from many.

    It would be special if you wrote something about Kent as a blessing and encouragement to his wife Cynthia, his children Nathan and Valerie, his mother and extended family, and all of his friends far and wide. You can do this in the section under the video which follows.

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