November & December Prayer Needs

    12.21.17 | Prayer

    1. Church Plants
      Let's focus largely on the Church Plants this month. Our five church plants at Galdau, Doi Moldoveni, Stefan Voda, Luica, and Curcan are all doing fairly well but we have some resistance.
      Galdau. Pray against the recent attack by an Orthodox priest against the work in Galdau. He successfully drove us out of the little school room we had acquired from the mayor on the main street. We are now doing meetings in a home in the center of town. The team in Galdau is a bit discouraged due to the little victory the priest seemed to have in the moment.
      Stefan Voda. Pray for favor with the mayor. He is open to us but the mayor is also manipulated a bit by the local priest. We also need a place to meet for church meetings over the winter. We have been successful getting to know quite a few people in Stefan Voda thru the soccer ministry started but now must start some formal public meetings.
      Doi Moldovan. We have very good favor in this neighborhood of Calarasi. We have a good meeting place. The team is doing well. People are open and beginning to respond to our visitation and public meetings. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this very dark location that is very defined by sin in many forms, human trafficking, prostitution, more.
      Luica. We have the largest response of the five locations in Luica. We have created a small meeting room in Luica and some meetings already have over 50 and up to 80 people with children attending. We will need a larger place to meet already. Pray for a larger outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the lives of those people who are already turning to the Lord. We will already begin to reach out to another village (Valea Stanii) from Luica.
      Curcan. We need to find a better meeting place than what we have. We have children and some adults attending twice weekly meetings. The team we have there is working well together. Pray for more favor with the people of Curcan.
    2. Other Ministry locations & their prayer needs
      Hope Centre. The Centre is doing well spiritually. The team works well together. Unfortunately we lost a main sponsor and with that went half of our monthly support. The Church from Norway became too small and too old to continue. The Lord will provide. We are creating a "sponsorship program" to use for the Hope Centre and it will be launched just before Christmas. We moved quickly and collected photos and info about 80+ children involved at the Hope Centre. We plan to launch this sponsorship program around January 1st. Money raised and given for each child each month, will go to the Centre, for the care of the children. The program will take time to launch and will hopefully will become the fundraising model for all of the Community Centres in the future.
      Chiselet. The team there continues to function better. With the undertaking of the Luica Church Plant, Chiselet will need more people to rise up from within Chiselet to take on new responsibilities, especially to replace the work of the Chiselet team who are reaching out to Luica, Valea Stanii, and Dorobantu.
      Calarasi Bethany Church. Bethany is doing well. Bethany needs to begin to move forward with building the 2nd half of their Church building. Pray for their ability to save and plan for the building, while at the same time continue to send members to work/serve in Doi Moldovan, Roseti, Stefan Voda, and Galdau.
      Oltenita. As you know, we need to find land and build a new structure in 2018. I think the land they were looking at is too high of a cost. We need something realistic and close to where they are currently.
    3. Ministry paradigm shift
      As part of us establishing a 3 year reproducible model for Church Plants, we will also be developing a new and systematic approach to one on one discipleship which will be largely implemented in the 2nd year. This new and more structured discipleship approach will also be extended to our older/original locations. Pray for our ability to develop this approach that will produce strong believers who will be useable and sendable into the harvest. We have a simple motto at this time. It is: "every member a missionary . . . every member a discipler . . . every member part of a church plant."
      The first year of the 3 year model, is focused on developing a unified team that is sent to evangelize, disciple, and become the foundation of character for that Church Plant Location. Pray for the Lords leading in helping us main leaders to invest and instruct properly in the Church Plant team in the 1st year. Again, the first year will be focused on Team Concepts and character traits like unity, humility, and serving attitude towards the Lord and one another. We will also work with Church Plant teams on their devotional life and Bible Study, evangelism truths and methods.

    Thank you so much again for your prayers!  Brad