Children of Destiny

Child Sponsorship Opportunities

The Hope Community Center in Caramidari, Romania regularly serves 100 children daily.

Click here to watch a short Children of Destiny video.

Please click through the photo gallery (below) of children who still need to be sponsored from the Hope Center. If you want to sponsor a child (you can sponsor more than one), place their name(s) in the space below the payment slot under the gallery and follow the prompts given. Your $35 per month sponsorship helps these children continue to find a positive future in the most important areas of their lives.

Children of Destiny

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Your money helps your child in the following ways:
  • Kindergarten

    – Twenty children meet several days a week and are taught to read, learn life and spiritual lessons, enjoy arts and crafts, take field trips, have breakfast and lunch together, receive assistance with personal hygiene, and participate in games and birthday celebrations.
  • Afternoon Program

    – More than fifty children not directly involved in the Kindergarten, filter into the Hope Center every Wednesday afternoon for games, crafts, snacks, spiritual lessons and other fun activities.
  • Homework Club

    – Fifty children involved in this program receive assistance with books, clothes and school supplies, breakfast and lunch, and help with their homework.
  • Home Visits

    – Our staff engages with parents to help them assume more responsibility in their children’s lives.
thank you for investing in the children of destiny!