2018 Highlights

    12.17.18 |

    Dear Outstretched Hands Family,

    Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we reflect on all that the Lord has done in Romania over the past year.  For those of you who were able to attend one of our two Vision Nights held in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) recently, you got to hear more details firsthand.  For those that didn’t, let us share a few highlights!  We now have 11 churches with an additional 7 starting up.  We have 4 functioning Community Centers which serve an ever-increasing number of children 4 days each week.  We had 270 visitors from across the world come to serve with us on short-term mission trips, many of whom have reported back that since their experience with us, they are serving the Lord with even more joy and zeal in their home churches and ministries.  With all this wonderful news plus much more, it’s been an exciting year!  Many of you were part of all this through faithful financial, prayer, and material support.  Thank you!  And, some of you have already donated to us financially as part of your recent year-end giving.  If so, thank you very much!

    Around this time each year, we carefully consider what our most important area of focus should be when sending out this annual letter. We are still feeling the impact of a large, international sponsor redirecting their funds last year, so our needs are still great.  But when we think about what is most important right now – it’s the children.  Please click here to donate now.

    We ask this year that you prayerfully consider helping us raise $30,000 as part of any end-of-year giving you are doing, if you have not already done so.  We currently have over 650 children served through our weekly programs and Community Centers who are loved, fed, given clothing, helped with personal hygiene, taught about family values and, most importantly, about God’s love and Word. These precious children are our immediate focus.  Accomplishing this financial goal will help us care for these children in 2019!

    As the ministry continues to grow, we marvel at how God continues to provide in such amazing ways.  Our faith is strengthened as we see the impossible come to pass over and over, not only through miraculous provision, but through healings, reconciliation and grace.

    Thank you again for your continued friendship, support, and prayers.  Know, without any doubt, that the Lord is using you in mighty ways to advance His Kingdom in Romania.

    Wishing you all a wondrous and blessed Christmas season …
    The Outstretched Hands of Romania Board of Directors

    Please click here to donate now.  If you are in Europe, here is the bank information for Asociatia Maini Deschise (Outstretched Hands):

    If you are in Europe, here is the bank information:
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    (Raiffeisen Bank, IBAN:) RZBR ROBU