Feed and Build!

    06.24.20 |

    This video shows the construction work in progress at 3 different Outstretched Hands locations. We believe we are called to FEED & BUILD spiritually, but also to FEED the hungry and BUILD buildings to impact communities.

    As an organization, we focus first on building relationships with people in our communities and investing our time and limited resources in relevant ways as part of that building.  Next, as we see a stable and growing response in a community to our investment in their lives, we feel more confident to justify the increase of time and resources into buildings, which then facilitates the potential future impact for that community!     

    While it may seem to some that the pandemic is not a good time to invest in these buildings (started in 2019), the local needs tell a different story that we can’t ignore.  If anybody has an interest to help with one of the projects, please write me (Brad) at  

    Enjoy the video and may the Lord bless you!  The Outstretched Hands of Romania team